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brc fence cover

Find Steel BRC Fencing for Your Garden

If you have a beautiful garden with the flowers that you love, I suppose you want to guard your garden with some nice-looking and economical fences. Then why don’t you try BRC fencing? You want to surround your garden, so you need some ornamental ones to make your garden more fascinating. Then look at the..

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temporary fence base foot

Temporary fence panel and foot

Have you ever thought that even the metal fence have the “feet” sometimes? Have you ever dreamed that your fence can move easily without being destroyed? Come and have a look about our “smart” fence system–Temporary Fence. Here you will see the simple but durable fence with light colorful panel and specialized base foot. We..

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Skyhall Fence

Barbed Wire Chinese Supplier – An Introduction

Barbed Wire has been out there for a long time. It has a few other names like barb wire, bob wire and bobbed wire. Basically the barbed wire is used to form an economical fencing system. It was invented and developed first by Americans. The patents has appeared in 19th century. Barbed wire Chinese supplier..

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Palisade Fence

Skyhall Palisade Fence—Your Best Choice

Palisade Fence Material: high quality steel. Manufacturing processes: stamping, galvanized and powder coated. Purpose:Palisade Fence for industrial, agricultural, municipal, transportation and other sectors of the fence, decorative, protective and other facilities. Product Features: Good corrosion resistance, anti-aging, beautiful, simple and quick installation. Palisade Fence is widely used in the industry. As a commercial fence, using..

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powder coated high security fence

To Make Your Fence More Durable

When you buy something, you will always think about its service life. Of course buying fences is no exception. To think what our customer think, today we would like to introduce how we make SKYHALL FENCE superior and more durable in the fencing market. There will be many factors to reduce your fence service life…

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welded mesh fence

Welded Mesh Fence – Make Your Life Comfortable

Welded Mesh Fence can protect you from the outside world We are living in a world of globalization and it is becoming increasing crowded nowadays with all kinds of buildings and construction sites surrounded. The natural life of our human beings has been badly influenced by various pollution such as air pollution, water pollution and..

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chain link fence coil

3 Reasons to Choose Chain Link Fence

When you decide to buy a fence, you would like to know more about it. After you know better about the fence you want, you will choose wisely. The article is help you to know why choose Chain Link Fence. There are 3 reasons for you to buy a fence as below: Economical chain link..

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