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crowd control barricade cover photo

Crowd Control Barricade — How to Make it More Useful

Crowd Control Barricade, also called street barrier, just as its name implies, it is used to control crowd. It is also applied in many public places, such as shopping center, museum, walkway, scenic spots and so on. With so many applications, Crowd Control Barricade is around our daily life. It plays a role to make..

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welded wire mesh fencing panels

Welded wire mesh fencing panels

Welded wire mesh fencing panels is being widely used all over the world. There are all kinds of fencing systems, such as chain link fence, palisade fence, etc. Welded wire fencing system is however a more attractive choice these days. Somebody likes to call it 3D mesh fencing system. Usually the mesh panel is formed..

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Steel Palisade Security Fencing

Palisade Fencing

The Market of Palisade Fence is Growing very Fast Palisade fence is not a kind of traditional fence with long history. Decades years ago, there is no palisade fence in the world. It was started from UK in 1980s and UK government make a full set of palisade fencing specification in their UK standard (BS-1722-12-2006)…

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airport fence sales

Welded wire mesh fencing

Welded wire mesh fencing can be used in many places independently or matched with other wire products such as razor wire, concertina razor wire, blade wire. The advantages of using this kind of combined wire system are obviously. It can not only improve the security of the fence, but also strengthen the ability of the..

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anti-climb fence

Anti-climb Fence

To build a fence is to guard your love ones and things, so the most important factor of a fence is its security. Everyone will wants high security fence, like Anti-climb Fence. As its name implies, it is anti-climbing. So you can think about its security performance. Starts with its name, why should we call..

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types of barbed wire

Barb Wire – An Old Yet Very Effective Fencing Material

Barb Wire is an amazing product. The Americans invented them in the eighteenth century. Now after almost 150 years of development, it’s widely used all over the world. I must say that it is a beautiful invention. If you’re not familiar with it, well, let me tell you a little more about it! How barb..

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Metal Picket Fence

Metal Picket Fence From Skyhall Fence

Skyhall Fence is a professional manufacturer of Metal Fences and Barriers for 10 years. We have taken part in at least 4,000 projects, have our own professional design team and can research new products, customer requirement is also acceptable, we can make your idea come true! Here we present metal picket fence specially. Skyhyall metal..

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residential fence design

Residential Fence Design Tips

When the engineer designs fence for residence community, what should they consider for their design? Here are some little tips for the residential fence design. Tip 1 Beautiful Appearance As the residential fence, the designer should consider its appearance. The fence design should match the architectural style of the residential community. The appropriate fence for..

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wire panel fence

Wire Panel Fence

Some people say that their wire panel fence products are so common that we can see them even on every corner of the street. So a number of the fence users who use fence instead of walls to decorate their living places are suffering a lot. They complaint that their personalized design of fence are..

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