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powder coated wire mesh fencing panels

Powder Coated Wire Mesh Fencing Panels

Brief introduction of powder coated wire mesh fencing panels from Skyhall Fence Skyhall Fencing system has many kinds of welded wire mesh fences. Such as 3 d welded wire mesh fence, euro wire mesh fence, BRC rolltop welded wire mesh fence, double welded wire mesh fence, 358 high security welded wire mesh fence, chain link..

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metal picket fence panels

Metal Picket Fence Panels

Metal Picket Fence Panels Metal picket fence panels are a kind of decorative fence, and it is made by the square pipes. The metal picket panel is quite good looking in its appearance. This is also why it is very popular among the clients from all over the world. Metal picket fence is compound by..

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flat wrap razor wire

Flat Wrap Razor Wire

Flat Wrap Razor Wire Flat wrap razor wire is a special type of razor wire. You may be not familiar with this item because it’s not as popular as concertina razor wire. However flat wrap razor wire is also an important razor wire product out there. Basically flat wrap razor wire is formed by welding..

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euro mesh fence

Euro Mesh Fence

Brief introduction of euro mesh fence from Skyhall Fence Euro mesh fence is a very special wire mesh panel fence in Skyhall Fencing system, it is different from other welded wire mesh fence panel. Because the wire thickness of the euro wire mesh fence is thin enough to make the wire mesh fence panel into..

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fence surface treatment

Fence Surface Treatment

Fence Surface Treatment Metal fence is a kind of security using in outdoor, so the fence surface treatment will influence the lift time a lot. In traditionally, there are several basic types of fence surface treatment in the global market. If we sort them out by lift time long to low, there are hot dipped..

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gabion retaining wall

Gabion Retaining Wall

Brief introduction of the galvanized gabion retaining wall from Skyhall Fence. The galvanized gabion retaining wall from Skyhall Fence is very popular in the gabion box regard all over the world. The gabion retaining wall is also called gabion box, gabion basket, gabion cage, and other names. The gabion box retaining wall is made of..

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Temporary Construction Fencing Panels

Temporary Construction Fencing Panels

Temporary Construction Fencing Panels There are two types of temporary fence, the pipe welded temporary fence and the welded mesh type temporary fence. Both of the temporary fence can be used in the construction sites. The Temporary Construction Fencing Panels with the welded mesh is widely applied in the construction sites. First come to the..

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woven field fence

Woven Field Fence

Woven Field Fence – An Introduction Woven Field Fence also called farm fence is a popular fencing materials in our metal fencing production line. There are many types of woven wire fencing and woven field fence is definitely one of the most popular ones. There are a few reasons for that. It can be used..

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double rod safety fence

Double Rod Safety Fence

Brief introduction of double rod safety fence from Skyhall Fence The double rod safety fence is a very strong wire mesh fencing from Skyhall fencing system. The fence is also called double wire mesh fence, welded double wire mesh fence. Why it is called double wire mesh fence? Because it has two horizontal rail wires..

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galvanized steel temporary fencing

Galvanized Steel Temporary Fencing

Galvanized Steel Temporary Fencing Galvanized steel temporary fencing is one of the most widely used type of steel fencing in the global market. The galvanized steel temporary fencing is usually made by low carbon steel round pipes, with a bigger diameter pipe to be the frame and a smaller diameter to be the inside pipes…

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