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metal crowd barriers

Metal Crowd Barriers

Select a Proper Metal Crowd Barriers – Skyhall Fence Metal crowd barriers is a kind of defend fence, usually, it is used to protect people from crowed places through holding an order. With time flies, the population of the world is in a rising trend. People are willing to spending money and time traveling everywhere, meanwhile most of them also..

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Double wire garden mesh fencing

Double Wire Garden Mesh Fencing

The Specification of the Double Wire Garden Mesh Fencing We can image with the title of this article, think of what’s the double wire garden mesh fencing being like. As it is said in the title, double wire garden mesh fencing, means the fencing with double horizontal wire. Usually double wire fencing are produced with low carbon steel wire which is in good..

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temporary construction fence panels

Temporary Construction Fence Panels

Production Process and Function of Temporary Construction Fence Panels Temporary construction fence panels also called portable fence, construction temporary barriers or construction fence. Its main function is for warn and protect people far away from construction site. Today we are going to talk about some details of production process and function of temporary construction fence..

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high security airport fence

High Security Airport Fence

Installation of High Security Airport Fence – Skyhall Fence High security airport fence, we can easily understand its function from its name. High security airport fence also called airport fence. It’s used as a high security function normally in airport or military zone to prevent people who trying to climb over it. Because of its..

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twin wire mesh fence

Twin Wire Mesh Fence

Twin Wire Mesh Fence Packing From Skyhall Fence Twin wire mesh fence also called double wire fencing. We can easily find out the feature of it from its name. All the horizontal line wires are double to make the panel stronger than normal welded wire mesh fence panels. The most hot sales region of twin..

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metal security fencing

Metal Security Fencing

Introduction of Metal Security Fencing Metal security fencing also called palisade fencing. Its a kind of very popular fencing in UK market. If you go to UK, you will find a lot of metal security fencing on the street or in industry zone. Metal security fencing is consist of metal pales, horizontal rails, IPE post,..

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welded fence panels

Welded Fence Panels

Welded Fence Panels – Skyhall Fence All the welded fence panels from Skyhall Fence is strictly manufactured under the standard EN-10223-4, EN-10218-2, EN-10244-2, EN-10245-4. If clients do not have any special request, we will plan to manufacture under the above four standards. There are several types of welded fence panels which are welded mesh fence..

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barbed tape obstacles

Barbed Tape Obstacles

 How the Barbed Tape Obstacles become to a Popular Security Wire Barbed tape obstacles is the most popular and widely used security wires in the world. Comparing with normal barbed wire, barbed tape obstacles is much safety, and easy installation. In the world war II, or when you watching a battle movie, or when you pass a military zone. You can find barbed tape obstacles..

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chain link fencing materials

Chain Link Fencing Materials

Chain Link Fencing Materials – Skyhall Fence As everybody know the chain link fencing material must be metal, but there are a lot of different types of metal and steel. Today we are going to talk about which types of material is good choice for chain link fencing. Q195 is the main material for all..

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mesh fencing panels

Mesh Fencing Panels Type

Mesh Fencing Panels Type – Skyhall Fence In order to make metal fencing more effective and economic, most of the metal fencing panels was produced as a mesh fencing panel. There are two main types of mesh fencing panels – 1) welded mesh panel / 2) woven mesh panel. Today we are going to introduce..

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