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Woven Wire Fences

Woven Wire Fences

High Quality Woven Wire Fences of SKYHALL FENCE Woven wire fences also called field fence. Nowadays it is known for more and more people. Woven wire fence is produced in a wide selection according to its height , width and mesh size, wire diameter. At bottom of wove wire fence with small mesh size to prevent small animal through it. For increasing..

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barbed wire fences

Barbed Wire Fences

Composition and Application of the barbed wire fencess Barbed wire fences, same with the concertina razor wire fence, usually applied with other fences, like euro fence, security fence, chain link fence and so on. Barbed wire is consist of two parts, core wire and barbed wire. Usually the core wire thickness is a litter thicker than the barbed wire. It’s a method..

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anti climb mesh fencing

Anti Climb Mesh Fencing

Security Defenders – Anti Climb Mesh Fencing As the safest fence in fence family, anti climb mesh fencing act as an important role in our life. You can not see the security fence that often, for this type of fence usually used in the place which has the high requirements on safety, such as prison and factories..

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steel barrier fencing

Steel Barrier Fencing

Steel Barrier Fencing from Skyhall fence In recent years steel barrier fencing was known for more and more people as a popular fence. Barrier Steel Fencing also called temporary fence, also called construction fence. It is popular in the word. The size we can make it according to your requirement, because we have professional design team and responsible worker. Now..

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airport security fence system

Airport Security Fence System

Airport Security Fence System – Skyhall Fence When refer to the airport security fence system, there’s a picture in front of our eyes. High and dangers. That also means the airport security fence system is consist of two parts. Usually the constitution of the airport security fence system is the welded mesh fence and the..

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garden steel picket fencing

Garden Steel Picket Fencing

Garden Steel Picket Fencing Came From Skyhall Fence In recent years, garden steel picket fencing is well known for more and more people. Someone also called it picket fence. Nowadays it is popular in the international market. This kind of fence has many advantages, it is wildly used for different garden in many countries. .The most of time garden steel picket fence,..

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temporary fencing panel

Temporary Fencing Panel

Temporary Fencing Panel from Skyhall Fence Temporary fencing panel also called portable Construction fence, also called street barrier, also called isolation fence. This kind of fence have many advantages which is easy installation It does not need the clamps and bolts and nuts to fix the wire mesh panel to the post. and easy mobility…

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razor blade wire

Razor Blade Wire

The Component and the Type of the Razor Blade Wire Razor blade wire, also call concertina razor wire, is a type of the defend wires. Different with other wires but show as its name, razor blade wire have a blade see as the razor, with four or eight sharp corner. Prevent people from climb over the fence or the wall. Razor wire type into..

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euro fence panel

Euro Fence Panel

Euro Fence Panel, Widely Used Fence Euro fence panel, widely used in industry, agriculture, municipal administration, traffic and other industry as a fence, a decoration or a safeguard. With a high strength, good filtering, and cheap price, the euro fence panel is one of the most popular fence panel in fence industry. If you pay attention and look around yourself,..

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welded mesh security fencing

Welded Mesh Security Fencing

A Sinple Introduction of Welded Mesh Security Fencing Welded mesh security fencing is one of our main products. It is very popular all over the world. Not only because welded mesh security fencing is an economical fence system but also for the reason that welded mesh fence is widely used in many fields. The panel is welded with..

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