3D Panel Fence

3D panel fence is a type of welded wire mesh which has V-shape strengthen bending curve. In fact, we also called “welded mesh fence”. It is the best seller at home and abroad. And it is made of high-quality steel wire, galvanized wire. Then will be hot dipped galvanized, powder coated or PVC coated. Hence, 3D panel fence looks modern and attractive.

3D panel fence is composed of panel, post and clamp. Panels with rectangular meshes (50*100mm or 50*200mm), heavy wires (3.0-5.0mm) and horizontal curves (50*100mm or 50*200mm) guarantee a very high level of rigidity. The system consists of panels in various heights supported by a few types of posts. First, square post system (60*60mm or 80*80mm) have inserts for panels and are covered with a plastic cap. The second type is rectangular post (40*60mm or 60*80mm). They are covered on top with a hard plastic cap. The three type is peach post. This kind of fence needn’t any clamp and very easy to install. Usually the peach post is 50*70mm or 70*100mm and they covered the related plastic cap. 3D panel fence have a width of 2500mm and a height from 630mm to 2430mm. And there are 30mm on the top. Panels made out of galvanized wires. An adhesion coated is given for a perfect adhesion with the polyester coating. Our coated powder is AkzoNobel powder coated. At present, it is the best powder and uses a long time. 3D panel fence is standard available in green RAL 6005- white RAL 9010 – black RAL 9005 – grey RAL 7016. More and other colors are from RAL collection. The clamps are double steel clamp, single steel clamp, six spider clamp and plastic clamp. It is often used in park, industrial, plants, garden and so on.

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