Airport Perimeter Fencing

Airport perimeter fencing is a standard design for airport security, which is widely used in worldwide, because of high security factor and low cost. The standard height of this Airport perimeter fencing, is 2700mm, 3200mm, and 3700mm, according the different usage, people could choose different height.

The Airport perimeter fencing have four element to compose the whole system, first one is Y shape post, which is welded by 60x60mm square post, another one is welded mesh panel, one flat panel for vertical part, and one V shape panel to hold concertina razor wire on top. There is another important part which is concertina razor wire on top to ensure the security ability. And the connect clamps is also special design, which is plastic material and strong enough to support the panel.

Airport perimeter fencing could be done several type of surface according to usage environment, the most common type is welded panel with galvanized wire then powder coating the panel, and post also from galvanized pipe, then weld and powder coating. This is most popular surface, it is cheap and beautiful, but some place is wet or near sea, which request a higher surface protect, so people do hot dipped galvanized then PVC coated the panel and post, the zinc coating could more than 550 gram per square meter, and thickness of PVC layer could be more than 0.5mm, this is most effective surface treatment against corrosion, which ensure a warranty more than 15years, even in bad air environment. The only issue for this treatment is surface is not smooth enough as pre galvanized type, because the zinc coating is too high level, which will be some zinc spot on surface of wire, even after the PVC coated, the surface is not very smooth.

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