Security Defenders – Anti Climb Mesh Fencing

As the safest fence in fence family, anti climb mesh fencing act as an important role in our life. You can not see the security fence that often, for this type of fence usually used in the place which has the high requirements on safety, such as prison and factories with higher risk.

So, what give this type of fence the characteristics of the high security? It’s the structure of the fence.

Anti climb mesh fencing is also consist with the post and fence panels same with the other type of fences. What makes it different is its mesh size. The security defenders-anti climb mesh fencing has a mesh size of 76.2mm*12.7mm, if customers have other requirements, the mesh size can also be changed into 75.0mm*12.5mm or 100mm*15mm. Why this mesh size will give the fence a title of anti climb?

The reason is that, while the horizontal wire spaces designed less than 15mm, usually 12.7mm, it’s a space similar to the finger’s thickness, people can mostly put the first knuckle into the space, which can not make people use the power of himself. With no power applied, people can not climb over the fence. That is why this type of fence gain the name: security defenders- anti climb mesh fencing.

The security defenders have two type of the panels, one with soft bending and one plate panel. The selection of the fence panel only depend on your interests. There’s not much differences with the type, only the weight and price differs little. If the panel are designed with bending, with the same specification design and applied, the panel with bending will use more raw materials to make up the designed specification, which will increase the price of the panel.

If your place need a high security requirements, the anti climb mesh fencing will be your best choice.

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