Anti-Climbing Razor Barbed Wire

When we mention anti-climbing razor barbed wire, most people only have a vague impression, and they cannot easy to say what it is exactly. Therefore, I plan to simple illustrate some basic info regarding anti-climbing razor barbed wire to let people know more about it.

First of all, Anti-climbing razor barbed wire is made from zinc or high zinc iron plate. First step, high zinc (zinc) iron plate will be cut into special shape. Then, line wire will be set up into iron plate by machine. Next step, after machined, razor barbed wire will be formed to rolls and clips will be knocked on it. Therefore, a complete product has been finished.

Simultaneously, there are many different kinds of models, such as BTO-12, BTO-15, BTO-22, CBT-65, etc.. SKYHALL FENCE COMPANY will follow client’s needs or recommend reasonable models to customers. And we also supervise producing process to insure products’ quality. After certain amount produced, we will move to spot check and provide feedback report to customers.

Moreover, anti-climbing razor barbed wire as a multi-purpose item occupies a large proportion in global market. Because it is not only can be used exclusively but also can be worked with other kinds of products. There are two examples to support my words. The first one, it can be located in some particular high-risk areas, such as prison. As we know, set up a separate anti-climbing razor barbed wire on the outer wall of prison is a common choice for people. Another example shows how to use razor barbed wire combine with other items. Airport Safety Fence, which is composed of two different types of fence. Razor barbed wire is the common choice for it, such as it works with high security fence to constitute Airport Safety Fence.

In conclusion, the above words only mentioned a small part about anti-climbing razor barbed wire. If you are interested in it or other fence products. Please feel free to contact with us. SKYHALL FENCE is willing to provide professional service to customers.



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