Composition and Application of the barbed wire fencess

Barbed wire fences, same with the concertina razor wire fence, usually applied with other fences, like euro fence, security fence, chain link fence and so on.

Barbed wire is consist of two parts, core wire and barbed wire. Usually the core wire thickness is a litter thicker than the barbed wire. It’s a method to save the cost also give the barb wire a higher defensive performance.

There’s also two types of the barbed wire you can choose from. Single strand barbed wire and double strand barbed wire. Of course that the barbed wire can also be used with the concertina razor wire, this type of wire named concertina barbed wire. It’s a kind of wire that have a great level increase of the safety for where have been protected. But now, we’ll save words here, if you are interested in this mix type wire, you can check for more information.

To put the barbed wire fences into application. We usually with the barbed arm which will be installed on the top of the post which support the fences. If you observe the barbed arm carefully, you will find little hollow on the arm, and that is the place where can support the barbed wire for not dropped down.

However, the barbed wire fences can also be applied itself. With the post and tie wire, the barbed wire fences is completed. But, there’s one more question we must pay attention to. If we only use the barbed to be a fence, the security of the fence will be much decreased. For the strength of the fence is not that good, it can be cut down easily.

The choose of the wire fence is also depend on your budget and safety requirement.

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