Urban barricade, people also called it temporary fence. This item is very common exist in our daily life. It can be made by some iron pipe with small size. Then, after welding which will make it become much more stronger. This means it cannot be broken easily by human’s destructive behaviour. Barricade can be located in urban and highway street.

Local urban barricades will be located in the middle of the road just in some particular situations. For example, a car accident happened or rebuild the road. Please memorized this circumstance that happened to our daily life. When you are driving in the street without hindrance, suddenly, the speed of your driving is becoming slow and you do not know what is happening ahead. And when you drive to here and see there are many barricades located around a specific area, your subconscious reaction is that there happened an accident.

Highway barricade or urban barricade, it is very common to people’s life but not like traffic lights as a noticeable traffic signal. In this essay, the main purpose that I consider about is to introduce it and let more people to understand what is it actually. Besides this item, there are also many other traffic fences in the local street and highway, if you want to know much more information about them, you can visit our website to see other types of fences. Our company, Hebei Skyhall Metal Fence Co., Ltd, will provide you the best service about any kinds of fences, like which types of fence is the most suitable to be located in the city’s local street or which one is suitable to be located in other specific areas.

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