Border Fence

Border fence is one kind of security fence special for border security, which should be strong enough and easy for installation. Because some border line is hard to install the heavy fence.

Normally, border fence have a razor wire on top to avoid people climb over the fence, and concertina razor wire is the best solution for this issue, and there is another issue for border fence, some time, people dig holes to go inside of fence, so the foundation should be concrete or bury the fence deeply into ground, to avoid holes go through border line.

There is two popular border fence in worldwide, one is chain link fence, which is most popular one as it is strong enough and production technical is developed in market, Normally people will use high zinc coating level material to produce this fence, as the border environment is very bad on a lot of place, which request the fence have strong ability against rust. Besides, there is very developed standard for chain link fence for different use. So a lot of people choose this type for border. But as the mesh size is not small enough, so people can cut the mesh wire and go through the fence, so people design another fence-358 fence.

Another popular border fence is high security fence, which is a special design of welded mesh fence, people also call it 358 fence, 3 means the vertical wire spacing is 3 inches, and 5 means the horizontal wire spacing is 0.5 inch, and 8 mean the wire gauge is #8. this design is popular in America, Mid east and Africa, the biggest feature of this fence is security ability, people can not cut the mesh wire with normal tools, But the price of this fence is almost double of chain link fence.

Please let us know if you need any type of border fence, we can manufacturer as per your request.


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