BRC Mesh Fencing – An Introduction

BRC mesh fencing is also called BRC fence, which is very common and popular style fencing in Singapore, Japan and Koran market. It is very easy to be installed and the price is comparing lower than other kind of fencing. The reference standard of BRC mesh fencing is EN-10223-4, EN-10218-2, EN-10244-2 and EN-10245-4. All the BRC mesh fencing from Skyhall Fence will be strictly follow the standard above.

The production of BRC mesh fencing is similar with other types of welded mesh fencing such as Skyhall 110 series, 140 series and 150 series. First need to weld the wire to be a piece of welded mesh panel, then folding the edge of the panel to a triangle shape to make the panel rolling top. Surface treatment – hot dipped galvanized or galvanized + polyester powder coated will be in the end. After packing with plastic film and loading on steel pallets, it will be ready for forklift to load into the container.

For installation of BRC mesh fencing is also very easy. Need to bury the post in to the ground first, normally 500mm depth is enough for make the post stable. Then need to fix the panel between the post and install it with V clips by bolts and nuts. Set up the rain cap on the top of the post. If the ground is not earth but concrete, Skyhall Fence is able to provide flange plate to welded on the bottom of the post, and install the flange plate with M10 bolts.

The market of BRC mesh fencing is not very wildly, most of the BRC mesh fencing from Skyhall Fence is imported to Singapore, Japan and Koran. If you want to surround the garden, parking area and residential places, Skyhall Fence highly suggest to use the BRC mesh fencing to fence it.

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