BRC Type Steel Fencing

BRC type steel fencing is one of the most popular type of welded mesh fence. Mostly used in South East Asia, especially in Singapore. It can be set up as temporary construction fence barrier, garden fence or road side fence.

The BRC type steel fencing panel is welded from low carbon steel wire. Normally mesh size are 150mm * 50mm or 200mm * 50mm. After mesh welding, we will use a bending machine to make panel edge 3 times bending to create a rolling top and bottom. BRC type steel fencing panel production strictly comply to European standard EN-10223-4. Welding strength strong enough to be the 50% of the raw material tensile strength. Mesh size tolerance in 25mm. Wire diameter tolerance controlled in +/- 0.07mm which is according to European standard EN-10218-2. The post of BRC type steel fencing usually are 50mm diameter round post with plastic post rain cap or steel cap. Metal V clip is the best and easiest choice for connecting post and panel. Use a set of M8 bolt & nut go through v clip to fasten. Surface treatment of BRC type steel fencing can be heavy duty hot dipped galvanized or pre hot dipped galvanized material before fabrication then with polyester powder coated. All colors in RAL color system are available. Compare with polyester powder coated, heavy duty hot dipped galvanized is more popular in South East Asia because its humid climate. The zinc coating layer coating mass strictly followed BS-1461 galvanization standard. Maximum coating mass can more than 610g/m2 (90um), so that it will come with a better corrosion resistance.

Skyhall Fence is one of the most professional wire mesh fencing manufacture and exporter in China. If you need any technical assistance or need a quotation for BRC type steel fencing, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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