Building Mesh

In the beginning, Building mesh haven’t been used in construction. People always depend on binding wire to fix the rebar. Rebar is a metal framework that adds strength to concrete forms. It is installed before the concrete is poured. Firstly it is cut to the desired length. The size and type of rebar used depends on the application. Rebar is tied with wire to support it and hold it in place before pouring begins. But now more and more Building mesh is used to instead of Rebar and binding wire.

Building mesh is the longitudinal steel rebar and transverse steel rebar are arranged with the certain space respectively and mutually becomes the right Angle and all intersections are welded together. Steel welding mesh is under strict quality control in the factory, manufactured by automatic and intelligent production line. Mesh size, rebar specification and quality can be strictly controlled. Avoid the omission of artificial tie, bundling mistakes and cutting corners occur. The building mesh has good elasticity, uniform spacing and high welding point strength, which greatly improved the project quality.

The use of building mesh can make the construction of the project faster. As long as the building mesh is laid and placed according to the requirements, the concrete can be poured. Rebar need to cut and place bar by bar then tie it. Build mesh can save 50% to 70% of working hours, accelerate the construction progress and shorten the construction period. The longitudinal bars and transverse bars of the steel welded network form a mesh structure, so it has good bonding and anchoring performance with the concrete, and the load it bears is distributed evenly, which obviously improves the seismic cracking performance of the reinforced concrete structure. According to the actual test, the road laying welded steel mesh can reduce the occurrence of more than 75% of the cracks than the artificial bounding rebar.


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