Camel fence is also called Cattle Fence. It is one type of field fence. If you do farming, camel fence is the best choice as borders in the fields and grassland. Camel fence can protect the animals from damage and keep the animals in where they belong. Generally speaking, we can use high strength steel wire or zinc coated wire to weave it.

Skyhall fence is an innovative company, which constantly get the new idea from our customers and try to satisfy their demand, hence the large range of products to match most requirements. According to the market demand, we design three kinds of joints, spiral hinged joint, ring-locked joint and fixed knotted joint. Frankly, the spiral hinged joint is common. This kind of joint is joined together, normally every 300mm, by short pieces of wire which are wrapped around the upper and lower-line wires. With regard to the specifications, the main wire is usually from 2.0mm to 2.5mm and the selvedge wire is from 2.5mm to 3.0mm. The spacing between vertical mesh size is generally in every 300mm.According to the change of the roll height, the spacing between horizontal mesh size is different. The roll height is from 0.8m to 2.4m. Unless otherwise specified, the common roll length is 50m and 100m. The real strength and effectiveness of a fence lines in the horizontal line wires. Each line wire is Q195. As a result, although only the wire diameter is 2.0mm, each line wire has a tensile strength of min 1150Mpa. 2.0mm mild steel wire is used for the vertical wires. From our customer’s feedback, the Q195 is better than other material, the reason is to install easily. The hot-dipped galvanized camel fence can use about 5 years (except abominable weather, humid environment, and so on).

The camel fence is appreciated for its strong built and durable nature at home and abroad.

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