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The military fence is mainly made up of welded wire meshes, posts and barbed wire. The mesh is usually welded into rectangular holes with several bends.

Military Fence

Military Fence Fences are common in our lives. Various types of fence can be found in homes, factories, public facilities and military base. Ordinary household fence are generally cheap and beautiful in design. Furthermore, material and durability requirements are not very strict. But for public facilities and military fence, usually require durability and high protection…

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airport security fence system

Airport Security Fence System

Airport Security Fence System – Skyhall Fence When refer to the airport security fence system, there’s a picture in front of our eyes. High and dangers. That also means the airport security fence system is consist of two parts. Usually the constitution of the airport security fence system is the welded mesh fence and the..

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high security airport fence

High Security Airport Fence

Installation of High Security Airport Fence – Skyhall Fence High security airport fence, we can easily understand its function from its name. High security airport fence also called airport fence. It’s used as a high security function normally in airport or military zone to prevent people who trying to climb over it. Because of its..

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airport high security mesh fencing

Airport High Security Mesh Fencing

Airport High Security Mesh Fencing – An Introduction Airport High Security Mesh Fencing is well known as its high security function. It was used wildly in Airport area, army camp and prison, etc which places need high security protection. Airport high security mesh fencing is one of the most popular product series in Skyhall Fence…

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airport fencing

Airport Fencing System

Brief introduction of the airport fencing system from Skyhall Fence Skyhall Fence has a hot sell metal fencing system, called airport fencing system. The application of the airport fencing system just like its name, people usually use the airport fence around the airport site. Airport fence also has other names, just like Y shape high..

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airport security fencing system

Airport Security Fencing System

Airport Security Fencing System There is a high security metal fence from Skyhall Fence called airport security fencing system. It is also named airport fence. We can learn the application of the airport fence from its name, of course, the airport fence can always be seen around the airport. Now let us introduce the details..

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airport fence sales

Airport fence sales from Skyhall Fence

We Skyhall fence is a leader of manufacturer in the metal fence field in China. We can provide the high quality of the airport fence sales to our customers. There are always so many clients from other countries purchase the airport fence from us. The airport fence sales from Skyhall fence is high quality and..

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airport security fencing system

Airport High Security Fence

When you want the fence with high security factor, you can not only consider the high security fence, but also the airport high security fence in the same time. The Airport High security fence has the higher security because of its some unique features. And I will introduce the following reason why the Airport fencing..

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