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metal fences

Metal Fences – Different Types of Metal Fences

Metal Fences – Different Types of Metal Fences Metal fences is an important fencing type out there. Different type of fences have been invented for a very very long time. Across human history, you will find fences play an important role in people’s lives. There are different types of materials used in making of fences,..

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metal surface finishing part 2

Metal Surface Finishing Part 2

Difference in Metal surface finishing part 2 Continue our discriminant analysis for different metal surface finishing part 2. Last time we talked about the first three method of metal surface finishing part 2. Then we will talk about the last two method, pre hot dipped galvanized and hot dipped galvanized treatment. Pre hot dipped galvanized: Also departed to two..

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metal surface finishing

Metal Surface Finishing

Difference in Metal surface finishing In fence producing step, there’s usually a surface treatment after the product is accomplished to increase the service life of the metal fence. If you are choosing a metal fence, there’s about five types of the metal surface finishing method for you to choose: electric galvanized, electric galvanized + polyester powder coated, electric galvanized..

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fence surface treatment

Fence Surface Treatment

Fence Surface Treatment Metal fence is a kind of security using in outdoor, so the fence surface treatment will influence the lift time a lot. In traditionally, there are several basic types of fence surface treatment in the global market. If we sort them out by lift time long to low, there are hot dipped..

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cheap fencing choice barbed wire

Cheap Fencing – Choices for Cheap Fencing

Try to imagining if you want to fence your garden behind your house, maybe need $600~$1500 for purchasing the fence. What about if you want to fence your farmland which covered 500 acre? The cost must be shock you down to give up fence it. Actually, there are some types of cheap fence cost less..

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fence supplier

Fence Supplier – How to Find a Reliable Fence Supplier?

As a traditional and long term industry, metal fence will be exist for a long time. More and more fence supplier appeared in Anping county, Hebei, China. Some of them do triky business which the fence supplier reduce the quality of the products to get more profit. How to choose a reliable fence supplier become..

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residential fence design

Residential Fence Design Tips

When the engineer designs fence for residence community, what should they consider for their design? Here are some little tips for the residential fence design. Tip 1 Beautiful Appearance As the residential fence, the designer should consider its appearance. The fence design should match the architectural style of the residential community. The appropriate fence for..

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mesh panel fencing

Fencing Posts

When you buy a fence, it is not just a panel or a roll of fence mesh. You needs fencing posts to support your fence panel. And the article is try to introduce some kinds of commonly-used fencing posts to you. In our daily life, fences are all around us. But you may not care..

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mesh panel fencing

Fencing Industry – Great Confident in Fencing Industry of China

Since become to a member of WTO in 2001, China rapidly change to be the main manufacture of the whole world. A lot of industry booming in past thirteen years, especially hi-tech industry such as cellphone, computer, led light, etc. To compare with the above, fencing industry developed much slower. However, high speed developing always..

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fence price

Fence Price – 3 Factors Affect Your Fence Price

The fence price is usually affected by many factors. The price will be different due to the fluctuation of the price with raw material. No matter what kind of fences, Welded Mesh Fence, Chain Link Fence or Palisade Fence etc., the price will be affected by the following 3 factors: Fence Size It usually has..

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