Chain Link Cyclone Fence

Chain link cyclone fence is made by steel wire. It can be galvanized wire only, or with PVC coated for optional choice. Chain link cyclone fence is one of the most widely used type of fence in the world. We can see it in anywhere, sport area, airport, boundary line, military zone, garden, highway, etc.

Usually the chain link cyclone fence wire diameter will be in the range of 1.8mm ~ 5.0mm, with a mesh size 50mm * 50mm or 75mm * 75mm. The edge of the mesh can be twisted type or woven type, or combine both type of edge in one mesh. Engineers prefer to use round post as the post of chain link cyclone fence. Popular design as 60mm round post to be the corner / end / straining post, 48mm round post to be the line post and 42mm round pipe as brace. After installed the post and mesh, we need to add 2 ~ 4 lines of tension wire on the mesh to ensure the fence is strong enough in horizontal direction. If designer want to have higher security level, we can also add barbed wire and concertina coils on the top to prevent people climb over it.

SKYHALL FENCE has very strictly control on chain link cyclone fence production and specification. All our production process and quality inspection are based on European standard. Wire tolerance based on EN-10218-2. Galvanization level based on EN-10244-2 and BS-1461. Also there is an European standard EN-10223-6 particularly states the requirement of chain link cyclone fence, and this is the standard we highly focused on.

SKYHALL FENCE is a company professionally do chain link cyclone fence manufacture and exporting business with 9 years experience. If you need any assistance on chain link cyclone fence specification, design or quotation, please contact us. Our team will provide most professional solution.


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