Chain Link Fabric

Hebei Skyhall Metal Fence Company is a professional fence manufacturer. Products includes welded mesh fence, anti-climb security fence, chain link fabric and so on. Let’s introduce chain link fabric this time, which is widely used in court, farm, stadium, private garden boundary line and so on. Perhaps you consider that Chain link fabric is a complex fence because of many accessories. After reading my introduction, you may have a new understanding.

For the specification, the mesh size is mainly 50*50mm, 60*60mm and 70*70mm. Wire diameter is from 2.5mm to 5.0mm. Height is from 1500mm to 2400mm. The most common width is 3000mm. Post is also main part, which can be divided into corner post, line post and brace. According to the surface treatment, chain link fabric is divided into stainless-steel chain-link fabric (material: 304 and 316), pre-galvanized chain link fabric and PVC coated chain link fabric (inner wire: high quality low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire or aluminum alloy wire). There are two woven ways for top and bottom, One is normally bent over, the other is twist at the end of mesh to form two barbs.

The traditional mode of production is manual. With the development of science and technology, Hebei Skyhall Metal Fence Company has full automatic machines, so we can finish the orders on time and produce the high-quality chain link fabric.

Different fences have the different characteristics. The characteristics of chain link fabric are uniform mesh, smooth mesh surface, beautiful and generous ,and not easy to rust. The best point is that the assembly does not need welding, so it is is easy to assemble.. Furthermore it has good corrosion resistance, this kind of fence is the best choice in the basketball court, volleyball court, tennis court and other sports playground.

At present, chain link fabric becomes best seller at home and abroad. Hebei Skyhall Metal Fence Company has finished many projects of chain link fabric. So do not hesitate to choose us, we can guarantee high quality and best service and provide the warranty certification. Welcome to your inquiry.


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