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As everybody know the chain link fencing material must be metal, but there are a lot of different types of metal and steel. Today we are going to talk about which types of material is good choice for chain link fencing.

Q195 is the main material for all kinds of wire mesh fencing. This is a Steel Material Code in Chinese Standard. The main characteristic of Q195 is economic. Hardness of Q195 is reached a bottom line request in EN-10223-4. Also tensile strength and breaking load is in a low level. However, these characteristic will make it suit for woven wire mesh fencing, especially for chain link fencing materials.

Q235 is also a good choice for chain link fencing materials. It is in a higher level of Q195 material and also in the range of Steel Material Code in Chinese Standard. Comparing with Q195, no matter tensile strength, hardness or breaking load, Q235 is much better than Q195. Coming with these characteristics, we need a more stronger and more powerful machine to bend the wire to be chain link fencing. Also the cost of Q235 will be higher than Q195 as a type of chain link fencing material.

There is another type of chain link fencing material called Q215, this is what we called locally and its not in the range of Chinese Standard. The reason we call it Q215 because all the characteristics of this type of material is in the middle level of Q195 and Q235. We treat this type of material as the most suitable one for chain link fencing material. Keeping both economic and strength of the chain link fencing.

However, Skyhall Fence can also provide other types of chain link fencing materials such as Q195, Q235, Galfan wire and PVC coated wire. If you need more information of chain link fencing material, please send us email to more communications.

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