Citadel High Fence

Citadel high fence is named anti climb security fence and 358 prison fence. Because of fixed aperture  3’’ (76.2 mm) x 0.5’’ (12.7 mm) and wire diameter  8 gauge (4.0 mm), 358 fence is named. It is one of the most popular fence products.  When used with razor wire on the top, we call it an airport fence or prison security fence.

Citadel high fence is made of galvanized wire to weld into fence panel. The mesh size is narrow , not easy to be through.  It is difficult to cut with hand tools, not even easy to climb, so called security fence, also known as high – intensity fence.  SKYHALL FENCE product process is followed the European Standard ( EN 10223-7: 2002) and Australia Standard ( AS 2423-2002). Usually the citadel high fence can use the different kinds of post, such us square post, rectangular post (40 x 60mm or 60 x 80mm), angle bar, H post and so on.  Different posts used different metal clamps. The posts can embedded underground or base plate.  In regard to tensile strength, unless agreed otherwise, the tensile strength of metallic coated wire for mesh fabric manufacture shall be 380 to 430 MPA. Generally  raw material is Q195. I have to mention the other citadel high pane which the flat bar can instead of vertical wire.  Of course, the panel can bend.  Usually each eight or nine horizontal wires become a bend.  As for surface treatment, heavy duty hot dipped galvanized and pre hot dipped galvanized then polyester coated are common. The color based on RAL color card.

SKYHALL FENCE have finished many citadel high fence projects, such as prison project in Qatar,  garden projects in Australia, school projects in Singapore and so on. We strictly control the quality and issue the related test report by the third party lab. We are a professional team.

If you are interested in citadel high fence, please call or email us. Thank you.


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