Coated Baskets

Gabion net, gabion cage, also is called stone cage. It is one kind of large specification of Hexagonal wire mesh. The PVC gabion is called coated baskets. On the surface of galvanized iron wire wrapped a layer of PVC protective layer and then woven into a variety of specification of Hexagonal wire mesh. This layer of PVC protection will greatly increase the service life of coated baskets. By choosing different colors of PVC, the coated baskets can be integrated with the surrounding natural environment. Both light gray and dark green are popular color.

Galfan coated Baskets is the best seller in world now. Galfan is an alloy metal coating, is also a new international emerging material. It is composed of 10% aluminum-zinc alloy and a small acount of mixed rare earth elements. Galfan steel wire has high corrosion resistance, which is about 2 to 3 times ordinary pure galvanized steel wire. No matter in outdoor, wet environment or in the Marine climate and other harsh environment, the alloy zinc layer steel wire corrosion resistance is better than ordinary galvanized. The ductility and deformability if zinc coated steel wire is very strong, even beyond the steel base it protects. It can withstand the teste of winding and bending under strong deformation process conditions and no need worry about the cracking and falling off of zinc layer. So Galfan plus PVC, two layers protect, have been the strongest protection. The mass coating normal is more than 245g/m2.

The PVC coated heavy hexagonal wire meshes are cut, folded and bundled to be coated baskets. It is generally folded assembly by 4 pieces of heavy hexagonal wire mesh. A large hexagonal wire mesh is folded to four large surface, two small pieces for two sides and a diaphragm per two meters length.


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