If you search the construction site barrier on the internet you will see there’s three type of the barrier, one with plastic material, two with metal material.

For plastic material, you may think it will be too light that it will be blow away easily. Of course it’s right that if you only use the barrier and do not fill with anything. Actually, the plastic barrier usually cooperate with water to increase the weight so that it will be hard to move it, and when you do not need it anymore, you can pour the water out, and then it will be easy to move away.

As to the metal construction site barrier, the using life will be longer than the plastic one. And the height also higher. The height of the metal construction site barrier can be decide by yourself, while usually it should be with height about 1200mm.

Different with the plastic barrier, the metal construction site barrier are not composed in one part, but can be divided into 2 to 3 part. The base foot, frame (and panel). As far as the base foot, it can divide into 3 type. Flat type, bridge type and fixed V type. Except the fixed V type, the other two type of the base foot both can be disassembled. This design will save the space of the container when you are loading them. And you can change the base foot as you required, also based on the local terrain. Such as, the flat type based foot usually only fit the terrain which is more flat, like asphalt road, or flat dirt road. If you want to move the metal construction site barrier to road which is not that flat, you can change the base foot to bridge type.

No matter plastic barrier or metal barrier, they’re all fence product which can be repeatedly used.

Just choose as you required.


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