Corrugated Guardrail


Corrugated Guardrail is the main form of rigid guardrail, which is a continuous structure with corrugated steel guardrail plates joined together and supported by main columns. It can play a good role in protecting vehicles and drivers.

W beam of corrugated guardrail is to increase the aesthetics, while increase the strength of the fence. W beam is made by automatic production line. The surface is clean and without damage. The corrosion resistance is very strong. The service life in the outdoor environment can reach 10-25 years. In general, the surface treatment can be divided into heavy duty hot-dipped galvanized and pre-hot-dipped galvanized + polyester coated. It can be divided into roadside guardrail and central partition belt guardrail. According to the collision level can be divided into CLASS A and CLASS S. Class S corrugated guardrail belongs to reinforced type, which is suitable for the road side of particularly dangerous section, Class A for special highway. The common guardrail can be divided into five grades: B, A, SB, SA and SS.

There are the general specifications. The specification of double beam is the as follow: the length is 4320mm, beam width is 310mm, beam deep is 85mm, the thickness is 3mm/4mm. The other beam is W beam, the length is 4320mm, the beam width is 506mm, the beam deep is 85mm and the thickness of beam is 4mm. Usually the round post / square post is matched with beam. General speaking, the specification of round post is the below, the outer diameter is 140 /114mm, the thickness of post is 4 /4.5mm. For square post, the size is 130mm and thickness is 6mm. The block is 196mm *178mm * 200mm, which thickness are 3mm /4mm /4.25mm / 4.5mm. The bolts and nuts are M16*170 / M16*150 / M16*50 / M16*42 / M16*35.

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