Crimped Wire Mesh

Crimped wire mesh is also known as galvanized, steel, stainless and black iron crimped mesh according to different materials. It is widely used in mining, petroleum, chemical, construction, protection, barbecue and so on. Usually it is plain weave way and the wire is pre-bend wavy wire. Because the wire is preformed by bending the mold, it is able to make the two directions of wire in the correct position, so as to ensure the consistency of mesh size.

Woven method of crimped wire mesh can divide into plain crimped, intermediate crimped, lock crimped and flat top crimped. The raw material is black steel wire (high carbon steel wire). Commonly used manganese steel is 45#Mn, 65#Mn, often used for mining wire mesh. When the wire diameter is under 2.0mm, it is mainly made of barbecue. Crimped wire mesh does not have the uniform specification, according to the different uses, the raw material, wire diameter and mesh opening are different. They also can be named high speed steel crimped wire mesh, copper crimped wire mesh, brass crimped wire mesh, red copper crimped wire mesh, stainless steel crimped wire mesh, crimped wire mesh roll and crimped wire mesh panel. The variety of materials, wire diameters and weave patterns make this kind wire mesh products can be used in many industries. And it can be cut to the special sheets according to the applications and projects requirements. And they enjoy the features of strong structure, loading capacity and keeping forms. At present, we are supplying Singapore metro stations. We are a company professionally do crimp wire mesh manufacture and exporting. From purchased raw material to finished products, we strictly control every procedure. And we will issue the related test report.

Skyhall fence has the professional team, test department, production department, design department. Providing quality products is our standard.

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