Decorative Fence

Decorative Fence also named Art fence or art iron fence, which is made by steel pipe or steel rod.

Decorative Fence have a long history, which is created out in 13th century, and becomes to most popular fence during renaissance. In 19th century, Decorative Fence become to a important decorative part for building, more and more people accept it and it comes into China in beginning of 19th century.

Decorative Fence have a beautiful painting on surface, and most of painting is done by manual work, and it have a strict process to do the surface treatment. At first, the oil, rust , duty should be moved from base metal, then first layer anti rust painting will be done on base metal, which is also called base painting, this is important to ensure fence against rust. After the base painting is dry, skilled worker will do the color painting according to design, this process make the fence much more beautiful than other fence, which could be a lot of drawing as per designer’s will. The last process is make light painting on surface, which can protect the drawing and make it more shining.

Decorative Fence have many features:

  1. Strong, and long use life, well connected with each parts.
  2. Beautiful looking, high level for decoration.
  3. The size and design could be change as per each clients.
  4. Easily installation.

It is also important to maintain the fence timely. As the Decorative Fence is designed in different shape, so it should not be scratched during use, otherwise, the damage should be repaired by professional workers. The dirty dust should be moved in time, because this will effect the surface of fence, and reduce the use life. A wet or high acid environment could damage surface of fence and this should be avoid during usage.

Skyhall fence can produce all type of Decorative Fence as per client`s request. Please contact with us if you need Decorative Fence.


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