We have talked about the composition of the diamond mesh before. We also know that diamond mesh can divided into two types based on the surface treatment, galvanized one and PVC coated one. As a common questions of the diamond mesh market, many customers confused about the choosing of the diamond mesh, so how can we choose the fence type?

Actually no matter galvanized product or PVC coated product, that’s both an anti-rusty treatment which can protect the diamond mesh. Galvanization type is one of the surface treatment with the raw material before woven into diamond mesh, the wire will be with zinc coated from 8-270g/sm, higher zinc coating mass will have higher protection function, and galvanization also the most usual treatment of the metal product. Another type is PVC coated product, also use the raw material which is already coated by the PVC before woven, the PVC surface is formed with plastic powder. Before coated with the plastic powder, the steel should be heated with high temperature, and then put into the plastic powder, after a while, take out the coated product and cool with cold water. Both galvanized and PVC coated product will have a good anti rusty foundation, while if the product exposed to the sun or high temperature, the galvanized product will be a better choice, or if the product will be used under the water, the PVC product will be your good choice.

As to the surface, PVC coated product will give the product a colorful appearance, if It will apply to the school, like kindergarten or gym, we will suggest the PVC coated one. If it will be used in factory or construction site, the galvanized product should be better. Also you can choose the product according to your preference.

Hope this article will help you make a contented choice.



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