Double Twisted Mesh Gabion

Double twisted mesh gabion is a kind of ecological grid structure. In China, the ecological grid structure originated from the bamboo cage an sheep pen technology over 2000 years ago. Li Bing and his son first used it in the Dujiangyan project, which is the traditional ecological grid structure.

Now, as a new type of ecological grid structure with new technology and new materials, it has been successfully applied in water conservancy engineering, highway, railway engineering and embankment protection engineering. The organic combination of engineering structure and ecological environment well come true. At the same time, comparing with some traditional rigid structure, it has its own advantages. So double twisted mesh gabion has become the protection of riverbed, landslide control, debris flow prevention, prevent rockfall at the same time environmental protection preferred structure.

Double twisted mesh gabion mainly has three kinds material, such as follows:

  • Galvanized steel wire: high quality low carbon steel wire, the diameter is from 2.0mm to 4.0mm. The tensile strength of steel wire is not less than 380Mpa. The galvanizing layer thickness according to customer requirements, the max can get to 300g/m2.
  • Zinc and aluminum alloy steel wire( also called Galfan steel wire), which is a new kind of international emerging a new material, corrosion resistance is three times more than traditional zinc coated wire. Steel wire diameter is from 1.0mm to 4.5mm.
  • PVC coated wire。 The high quality low carbon steel wire coated by PVC material and then woven into a variety of specification of double twisted mesh gabion. The layer of PVC protective layer will greatly increase the protection in the highly polluted environment. By choosing different colors, so that it can be integrated with the surrounding environment.

Skyhall can make all types double twisted mesh gabion as per customer’s requirement. Welcome to your inquiry.

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