Double Wire Security Fence – An Introduction


Double wire security fence also called double wire fence because of its two piece horizontal wire of each line. It’s in the range of Skyhall Fence products 140 series.


We call this double wire security fence as 8 – 6 – 8 double wire or 6 – 5 – 6 double wire fence according to its wire thickness. For example, 8 – 6 – 8 means the two piece of horizontal wires are 8mm wire thickness and the middle vertical wire is 6mm wire diameter. Mesh size for double wire security fence is 200mm * 50mm normally, but we can also produce other mesh size according to our clients request.


Double wire security fence always come with a small spike on the top. The length of the spike is around 30mm and its a part of vertical wire. This spike design not only for make it looks more beautiful but also can increase the security level to prevent people climbing over the double wire security fence top.


The design of wire thickness is also very reasonable. Horizontal wire is a little bit thicker than vertical wire because of the spacing of horizontal wires are bigger than vertical wire. Making the horizontal wire doubled also can provide higher strength. Thinner vertical wire is because of the spacing is smaller, strength can be separated to a lot vertical wires for holding the hole panel.


German is the main market of double wire security fence, more than 40% of Skyhall Fence 140 series will be exported to German market. There are two popular types of finishing of double wire security fence, hot dipped galvanized after welding and galvanized + polyester powder coated. First one is more durable and its anti-rust function is better than second one, but the second one can be much colorful and all the different colors in Ral color card can be coated on the surface.


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