Euro Fence Panel, Widely Used Fence

Euro fence panel, widely used in industry, agriculture, municipal administration, traffic and other industry as a fence, a decoration or a safeguard. With a high strength, good filtering, and cheap price, the euro fence panel is one of the most popular fence panel in fence industry.

If you pay attention and look around yourself, you may find the euro fence are everywhere. In both side of the expressway, railway, and bridge, surrounding of the airport, port and wharf, departing the municipal such as garden, grass lawn, zoo, road and the living quarters, the decoration of the hotel, grogshop , super market as well as other entertainment venues.

Usually, the wire of the euro fence panel is coated with the PVC, which prevent the iron from rusty, also give the fence colorful appearance. But before the surface treatment of the PVC coated method, the wire is welded with a proper mesh size to be a panel, the mesh size usually designed as 50mm*50mm and 100mm*50mm. To make the euro fence softer than other fence, and can be rolled as coils, the wire thickness is thinner than the welded mesh fence, double wire fence, BRC fence and other fencing. We use the wire thinner than 3.5mm welded to be a panel most of the time. After PVC coated, the wire thickness will changed to be 4.0mm-5.0mm. Then you will find the colorful panel with a good strength.

To install the euro fence, is also a simple step. Before fix the panel, we need to embedded the post in advance, after 24 hours, the post is fixed, then we can install the euro fence panel with a little metal u-clamp. The metal u-clamp will setting the panel up to the swallow tail post. Then the install work is down.

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