Exclusion Fence

As far as we know, the mesh fences are everywhere. Whether it’s around the factory or on the grassland. We can see them everywhere. Skyhall Fence is the profession fence manufacturer and exporter, which engage in the welded mesh fence, chain link fence, palisade fence, temporary fence and exclusion fence, etc. Believe you are known the above fence. For exclusion fence, there are some new information.

To be honest, Exclusion fence is also called the farm fence. It is the general term for cattle fence and deer fence. They named the joints differently. Cattle fence is hinge joint and deer fence is knotted joints. It is used to enclose small garden areas, backyard areas or complete perimeters with a solution for the driveway. Exclusion fence is made by high carton steel galvanized wire. The tensile strength is more than 1100 MPA. The vertical spacing is also regular. These mesh fences range in height from 42 to 96 inches and can be used for horse, cattle, sheep, goat, deer and exotic animal containment. Barbed wire ate the bottom near the ground further strengthens the fence and stops animals from lifting the mesh. In order to increase of service life, usually we suggest the customers to purchase the pre-hot-dipped galvanized, zinc coated is more than 275g/sqm.

Skyhall Fence have finished many exclusion fences projects in Qatar and Mozambique. Of course, our design also considers the posts. T posts and IPE post are common. In each project, we will give the clear design drawing and installation instructions. What’s more, we do the test from purchasing the raw material to finished products. And we will issue the test inspection and loading report. They are our advantage. We must guarantee the quality.

If you are interested in the exclusion fence, please email or call us. Welcome to your inquiry.


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