Fixed Knot Fence

Fixed knot fence is popular for farm protection, which also called sheep fence, cattle fence, grassland fence. The fence is totally weaving together, have no welding, which means the surface treatment will not be damaged, so the corrosion proof ability is very strong, which allow the fence use for a long life.

As the fence is used for farm production, so the required qty is very huge, farm owner can not pay too much on the fence, so the cost must be lower, and it must be strong enough to keep small animal away. Normally the bottom mesh is smaller than up part, the top mesh is around two times of bottom one, because the small animals can not goes up, and the animal who can touch higher part of fence is not small enough to go through the mesh, and people normally put two or three lines of barbed wire on top of farm fence, so the goat and deer is hard to jump over the fence, and some dangerous animals can not go inside also.

The Fixed knot fence post is also special design for this fence, which is strong enough, but cost is very low, Compared with other pipe post, the Fixed knot fence post is cast, which is high carbon steel, so it is not easy to be rust as low carbon steel, and it is very strong to use as post. To reduce the cost, the surface treatment is different with other normal post, Fixed knot fence post used bitumen coating, which can protect post well, and it is not easy to be damaged during post was drilled to the ground, or roughly loading when transportation.

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