Flatwrap Razor Wire

Flatwrap razor wire is a popular security wire in some special field, which can ensure the fence match the top security request.

Flatwrap razor wire is made of high tensile wire and galvanized steel sheet, some time, people use stainless steel for this Flatwrap razor wire, which can avoid rust issue, and use for for a long time. Flatwrap razor wire is much more beautiful than concertina razor wire, and it save more space after installation.

Flatwrap razor wire is connected by two layer of razor wire, the height/diameter can be adjust according to request, the production process is same as concertina razor wire in beginning, like punch the razor strip, roll the razor strip to the core wire. All this is same, just the concertina razor wire is connect to round/concertina shape, meanwhile flatwrap razor wire is connect to a flat shape. As the connect of Flatwrap razor wire is more complicate, so the cost will be much higher than concertina type. Besides, Flatwrap razor wire con not be packed in bundle, as it can not packed tight and it can not be under heavy pressure, so it can load quite few in container, so the transportation cost will be much higher than concertina razor wire. The loading qty is just 20% of normal concertina razor wire, so if it is not strong request, we suggest to use concertina razor wire, as low cost. Unless there is some field which have to use flatwrap razor wire. To have a better ability against rust, we can do powder coating on Flatwrap razor wire, so the razor edge will be protected well, and it can be colorful. The installation of Flatwrap razor wire is much easier than concertina type, which just need two or three line wire to tie the Flatwrap razor wire, it will ok. No need to adjust the shape of razor wire circle.

Please let us know if you need any type of flatwrap razor wire.


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