Gabion Rectangular Basket

Gabion rectangular basket is an effective and convenient protection product. It is composed of wire mesh or welded mesh. Stone and sediment are loaded into the cage net to protect riverbed, control landslides, prevent debris flow and rock fall. Gabion rectangular basket are often used as retaining walls in water conservancy projects. Gabion rectangular basket retaining wall is a kind of retaining structure stacked with stone cage net cages. The components of the retaining wall of cage net cage are filled with stones of the same size proportion in the cage, so there is a certain porosity. Because of the gap between stones, the soil behind the masonry and the water under the slope can be discharged, thus lowering the water level, reducing the surface water pressure behind the wall and under the slope, and the water can be discharged in time. The damage chance of retaining wall is reduced, and the life of retaining wall will be greatly prolonged. At the same time, the gabion rectangular basket is a cage made of wire mesh, which can deform to a certain extent. Moreover, between the stones and stones, it can also slide, so the deformation ability of the retaining wall can also cushion sudden external forces.

The reason why the gabion rectangular basket is used is that the cage has unique ecological functions. A little soil is sprayed on the surface of the protective body, which can be used for greening. Because there are many gaps between the stones and the stones, the gaps contain the soil, which is conducive to the development of plant roots and create a good ecological environment. Even if the soil is not sprayed, as time goes on, the space between rocks will quiet the soil, which will grow some herbaceous plants, forming a natural ecological environment. The stone cage net can also be made into triangular and trapezoidal ones. Such a dam built by this kind of net cage has a slope on a plane.


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