Gabion wall

Gabion usually is called gabion mesh and gabion cage. Now days more and more call it Gabion wall. The stones and soil were put into these gabion cages, which are then built to Gabion walls.

There are many advantages on Gabion wall. Firstly it is aesthetic. Gabion walls look nature and it fits into the environment by using nature material. Secondly compatibility with the environment. The filling material is made of stone and soil excavated on the spot, which greatly reduces the cost of purchase and transportation. Third, it is used as a cooling system in hot climate conditions and provides passive cooling by air movement. The Fourth is water permeability. Gabion wall is permeable and is not damaged by passing water. Fifth efficiency of gabion wall can increase in time, since the vegetation fills voids and strengthens the wall structure.

Gabion wall can be divided into hexagonal wire mesh gabion and welded wire mesh gabion according to the production process. The mesh surface of welded wire mesh gabion is smooth neat, the mesh is uniform, and the solder joints are firm. It has the advantages of strong firmness, corrosion resistance, permeability and integrity. It is an ideal choice for garden decoration and slope protection greening. It has a strong ability to resist natural damage and adverse climate impact. Very good tensile resistance. The installation of welded wire mesh gabion is simple, convenient and beautiful structure, save time and labor and high working efficiency. The installation time of welded wire mesh gabion is 40% less than that of hexagonal wire mesh gabion. After the baskets are stacked ,they are connected with galvanized wire to prevent deformation under the weight of upper gabion rows.Gabion baskets are folded when transported to the construction site in order to take up as little as space as possible. After transport, baskets are unfolded, connected and prepared for positioning. Finally, these installed gabion cages formed the gabion wall.


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