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Galvanized chain link fence gates is a necessary part of galvanized chain link fence construction. In Skyhall Fence products range, 210 series chain link fence is the most complex and mutable installation product. There are more than one hundred types of chain link fence accessories, such as round band, screw band, single branch arm, v branch arm, barbed wire and razor wire, etc. Also the galvanized chain link fence gate is mutable design.

According to he no.s of leaf, galvanized chain link fence gate have two type of design, single leaf gate and double leaf gate. Single leaf gate is usually designed for small gate under 2.0 meter width. Double leaf gate is normally designed for over 3 meter width gate because of the heavy weight of each leaf. For heavier gate, a wheel on the edge side is very necessary to share the weight.

If consider with security level, we can add a branch arm on the top of the galvanized chain link fence gate. Most common security wire is 3 lines of barbed wire or flat type razor wire on the top. Barbed wire will installed directly on the branch arm with a small tension machine. Flat type razor wire always comes with two or three lines of tension wire for holding it straight.

The locks of galvanized chain link fence gates also has different designs. The most common two types of lock are sliding lock and pad lock. Sliding lock is formed with a rail steel and some welded plates with holes. Pad lock is even much easier than sliding lock. Sometime in order to save the cost, just need to use chains to surround the frame of the gates to lock it.

Galvanized chain link fence gate frame is all manual welded square tube or round pipe. Considering about to lose the weight of gate leaf, the frame pipe size usually smaller than the galvanized chain link fence post.

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