Galvanized Steel Fencing

Steel fencing is getting more and more popular to instead of the brick wall, as the cost is much lower and installation is much easier. But there is an issue during the usage, which is rust, people used painting to protect it in past, but which is not very good, and maintenance cost is too high, so people change it to galvanization, which can protect the fence in long time and no need maintenance.

Galvanized steel fencing have many types, which including galvanized wire fencing, galvanized pipe fencing, and galvanized chain link fence, they have been used in worldwide for many year, Galvanization can protect the fence 100% against rust, especially the hot dipped galvanization, there is two type of galvanization, according the production process, first one is cold galvanization and second is hot dipped galvanization. Cold galvanization have a very low zinc coating, around 10gram per square meter, meanwhile hot dipped galvanization could have a heavy zinc coating(above 500gram per square meters), people can choose different galvanization according to where they use the galvanized fence.

Galvanized steel fencing should use a high quality carbon steel as base material, which should have a high tensile strength according to different fence type. As the hot dipped galvanization will heat the wire and zinc, so the steel wire should not be change thinner during this process. If the base steel is welded together, the surface of welding should be moved totally, otherwise, the coating will be easily damaged, then it will have no function against rust.

The zinc coating thickness/weight is important to protect the galvanized steel fencing, which can test by special tools for the pipe or plate steel, which can easily test the thickness, and for wire product, which need test by laboratory.

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