Garden Curved Welded Wire Mesh Fence

Today, garden curved welded wire mesh fence has become a household product. It is popular that mainly relied on simple design, easy to installation, cheaper in price and rich in color.

Garden curved welded wire mesh fence made by electrical resistance welding, either: zinc coated or zinc alloy coated wire; or bright wires which are subsequently coated after welding wither with zinc or zinc alloy. It has a few parts, which they are spacing, mesh size, line wires and cross wires. The spacing means the distance measured between leading edge and leading edge of wires (center to center). The mesh size is the spacing of line wires followed by the spacing of cross wires. For example, 200mm line wire spacing and 50mm cross wire spacing the mesh size is 200 x 50mm. The line wires are running in the longitudinal direction parallel with the length of panel. And the cross wires are running in the transverse direction. Welded mesh produced in flat form to specified dimensions. Panels are produced either with overhanging edges or with flush cut edges. The base metal of welded mesh fencing shall be low carbon steel. When requested by the purchaser the garden curved welded mesh fence shall be subsequently coated with an organic material to per EN 10245-3. The type and color and any other criteria shall be given on the order. The tensile strength of line and cross wires shall be in the range (350 to 550) N/m2. Sometimes, the tensile strength of line wire may not be the same as the tensile strength of cross wires. Our production process is strictly followed the European Standard no.: EN 10223-4:1998. And our test report will follow the related standard. Panels shall be suitably packaged usually in specified multiples on a pallet.

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