Garden Fence

There are many choices of fence type for garden fence. The most popular types of fence system for garden are 1. welded mesh fence / 2. double wire fence / 3. picket fence / 4. palisade fence. The main function of garden fence is not for high security level property protection, so the garden fence need to have below characteristic. First of all, the fence need to be looks friendly, do not suggest aggressive accessories appear on the garden fence, such as razor wire or barbed wire. Secondly, fence for garden suggested to be colorful. The four types of fence above are able to do polyester powder coating layer with all Ral color on the surface. Thirdly, garden fence need to have decorative function. Security will not be the only purpose, but also need to consider of the decoration of garden.

Welded mesh fence and double wire fence use as garden fence is a kind of economic choice, with both decorative function and cheap price. Also these two types of mesh fence are the most popular design in garden.

Picket fence is produced from square pipes. Small size square hollow section (SHS) to be the vertical picket, then welded on two or three big size horizontal square hollow section to be the panel. Picket fence looks more stronger than mesh fence.

Palisade fence is also a good choice for garden. Mostly in UK, South Africa, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, people prefer to use palisade fence as garden fence in above countries.

There is not any particular type of fence system for garden. Constructors usually choose the fence according to client’s requirement. If you have any enquiry or need any technical support on garden fence, please contact Skyhall through email or phone call. We will provide the best service on your garden fence project.


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