HDG Palisade Fence

HDG palisade fence is made from steel pale, angle steel and ITP channel. HDG is a short form of hot dipped galvanized. HDG palisade fence has good market in UK, Ireland, Sough Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

The mail port of HDG palisade fence is the pale. Usually come with W profile or D profile, with triple pointed top or single pointed top. Punched with two or three holes for connecting with horizontal rail. The horizontal rail of HDG palisade fence is made from 50mm angle steel 5mm thickness or similar. IPE channel will be the post, sharp punched on top to increase the security level. Connected with horizontal rail based on a fish plate. All the connecting bolt and nut are M8 or M12 anti-theft mushroom bolt and breakable nut. If client need to higher security level, adding some concertina razor wire coil on the top is a good optional choice for HDG palisade fence system.

HDG palisade fence surface treatment is heavy duty hot dipped galvanized based on BS 1461 British hot dipped galvanized level. Zinc coating mass over 395g/m2, 505g/m2 or 610g/m2 according to different raw material thickness. All main parts in the fence system can afford the salt spray test over 1008 hours, which is the highest level of heavy hot dipped galvanized, life time more than 10 years.

The packing of HDG palisade fence will be loaded on steel pallet for forklift and wrapped with plastic film to get rid of wet weather and dirt. Usually full container loading on weight will be available for 20’ FCL.

The HDG palisade fence from Skyhall Fence all comply to British Standard BS-1722. Durable quality and professional service make us be your reliable supplier. If need any technical support or quotation, please contact us through email or calling for further information of HDG palisade fence.


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