Heras Fence

Heras fence is one kind of temporary fence, it is also called temporary fence, crowed control fence, event fence, removable fence.

There is two type of Heras fence divided from production process and connection way, one is welded mesh type and another one is chain link mesh type. Weld mesh type is popular in Australia and chain link mesh type is popular in Canada and USA market.

Heras fence have a frame made by steel pipe, both round pipe and square pipe is ok, common round pipe size is 32mm, 38mm, 42mm, meanwhile square pipe size is 25mm, 30mm. The thickness of frame can be adjust according to usage. There is welded mesh or chain link mesh inside of frame, which is commonly made from galvanized steel wire, wire diameter from 2.5mm to 4.0mm, and mesh opening can be 50x50mm, 50x100mm, 65x150mm for welded mesh panel, and 50x50mm, 75x75mm for chain link mesh.

As the Heras fence is mainly used outside, so the surface treatment is very important for fence usage life, there is three popular type on market, first is made by galvanized material, which is lowest cost, but there is no protect on welding point, so it is easiest to be rust. Another one is made by raw material without galvanization, then galvanized the whole panel after welding. Which zinc coating could be more than 500 gram per square meter, this type have very strong ability against rust. The last type is similar with first type, just do powder coating after weld the whole panel together. So this type could be a lot of color available, and protect the fence as good as possible.

Skyhall fence is a professional manufacturer of Heras fence, we can produce it as clients request on different size and surface treatment, please contact with us if you need Heras fence.


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