Heras Panel Fencing

Metal fencing has become household products. There are many series, in order to easy identification, we divided into nine series, according to the production technique. Heras panel fencing is also one of more popular fencing products. It is effective and suitable for a variety of locations including: sites which need securing temporarily, temporary building and construction sites and new housing developments.

Heras panel fencing is a free standing, self-supporting fence panel, the panels are held together with clamps that interlock panels together making it portable and flexible for a wide range of applications. They are supported with plastic base, have a wide variety of accessories depending on the application. Heras panel fencing are commonly constructed of either chain link or weld mesh. Usually the wire diameter is 3mm, 3.5mm and 4mm. The common mesh size is 50*150mm. This is welded wire mesh. Chain link mesh is also available for the heras panel fencing, which the mesh size is 50*50mm. The outer diameter of frame tube is 32mm, 42mm and 48mm. The fence base is plastic feet filled with concrete. The usual surface treatment is heavy duty hot-dipped galvanized and per-hot-dipped galvanized + polyester coated. The zinc coated is usually 505g/sqm. Some customers also need struts.

Different countries have different standard and different design. For example, the frame tube of heras panel fence in Canada requirements is square tube and surface treatment is pre hot-dipped galvanized + polyester coated. Skyhall Fence have the professional team, such as design department, quality inspection department and production department. Our quality inspection colleague inspects each batch of raw materials. During the production process, our workers will inspect some finished products. And our production process is strictly followed with the European Standard. Of course, we will follow different countries’ standard. Our products will do it according to customers’ requirement. If you any questions, please email or call us.


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