Hexagonal Mesh

Hexagonal mesh also named hexagonal wire netting, or hexagonal wire mesh, which is made by galvanized steel wire or PVC coated steel wire. The mesh opening shape is hexagonal, so people call it hexagonal mesh.

Hexagonal mesh is widely used on breeding industrial, river protect, highway fence and also protect the outside wall of buildings.

There is a lot of advantage of hexagonal mesh, which is as below:

1.Easy installation, which do not need any special tools or shill, normal people can install it.

2.Strong ability on rust and against bad environment.

3.Hexagonal mesh will not break even heavy press.

4.Hexagonal mesh can be packed in rolls, to save stock space and transportation cost.

5.The mesh can adjust shape according to site, which allow much easier installation.

6.Much stronger than welded mesh, as the mesh is woven together,

All hexagonal mesh is woven together, which ensure high tensile strength of mesh, as welding mesh will damage the cross part of welding, so mesh tensile strength will be less than wire, according to the technical now, welding shear strength can only be 75% of wire, but hexagonal mesh can be 100% strength of wire.

According to the woven type, hexagonal mesh is divided to regular twist and reverse twist. Because of regular twist hexagonal mesh is cheaper than reverse twist, so it is more popular, but there is also large demand on reverse twist type, because it is more stronger and more beautiful.

Hexagonal mesh is getting more and more popular, and there is a lot of new product come out on base of hexagonal mesh, like gabion, mattress, which is used in some special field widely.

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