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High security airport fence, we can easily understand its function from its name. High security airport fence also called airport fence. It’s used as a high security function normally in airport or military zone to prevent people who trying to climb over it. Because of its fittings and parts are a little bit more complex than then normal security fence, we are going to introduce the installation of high security airport fence today.

First step, we need to know if the constructor want to bury the post under ground or need to settle a flange plate. If need to bury type, first we need to measure the distance between two post and dig holes. After digging holes, please set up the post in the holes. If need to make it more stronger, we can also put some concrete in the empty space between post and earth. If choose flange plate type, that will be much easier for installation. Only need to fasten the flange plate on the ground with a normally four anchor bolts.

After setting up the post on the ground, we need to install the high security airport fence panel for next step. The post is like bone of a person, but wire mesh panel just like body of a person. Metal clamp or PVC clamp is for connecting the post and panel with galvanized bolts and nuts. Also same connection method for V shape high security airport fence panel on the top.

Last step is the installation of concertina razor wire on the top. Need to carry the concertina razor wire on the top first, then extend is to suitable length on V panel. Normally the concertina razor wire will be keep the shape after extension, but just in case it change the position, we suggest to tie the concertina razor wire on the V panel with some tie wires.

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