High Secrutiy Razor Wire Fence

High security razor wire fence is the most popular product. Skyhall razor wire barbed can prevent most of the intrusions for it is hard and dangerous to broke it. It has a simple structure. It is made of corn wire and blade.

According to the material, it can divide into galvanized and stainless steel. Of course, the stainless steel for the same type is more expensive than the galvanized. According to the razor barbed shape, there are about seven types. They are BTO-12, BTO-15, BTO-22, BTO-30, CBT-60 and CBT-65. Among them, the BTO-22 is common and cheaper. With regarding to the form of protection of high security razor wire fence, they are concertina razor coils, double concertina razor wire, concertina razor coils, flat wrap coils and welded razor wire mesh. There is the similar specification for the seven types. For example, the wire diameter of core wire is 2.5 mm and the tolerance is ±0.1mm. The blade thickness is 0.5 mm and the tolerance is ±0.05 mm. If you want to place the order, you need to provide the blade style, blade spacing, style, coil weight or coil length, loops, clips and surface treatment. High security razor wire fence can be made according to the actual dimension of customer, the specify specification is produced according to drawing.

In general, in order to install the razor, high security razor wire fence needs razor barbed wire and other products, such as razor barbed wire and welded mesh fence, razor barbed wire and anti-climb fence, razor barbed wire and chain link fence and so on.

High security razor wire fence is your unbeatable choice for service and selection.

Hebei Skyhall Metal Fence Co., Ltd. not only produces the high security razor wire fence, but also manufactures the other kinds of fence.

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