High Security Steel Fence

High security steel fence is a special design for high security request, which can not be damaged by normal tools, and can’t climb over because there is concertina razor wire on top.

The whole system have a height of 2700mm including the concertina razor wire on top, and standard width is 2500mm, from post center to another post center, the mesh panel is most important of this system, this mesh is also called 358 security fence, because the mesh width is 3 inches, and mesh height is 0.5 inches, and wire gauge is 8# wire. The panel can not climb as the mesh is small enough that the finger can not put inside mesh, and normal tools also can not go inside of mesh, which allow the top security.

The design is origin from America market, which is use for prison and army base who have high security request, to make the system strong enough, three steel pipe used for beam on this system, so the panel will not be bend/damaged easily,  which is very popular in America market.

As security request getting more and more in world wide, High security steel fence get popular in mid east market and Africa market, but they have promote on each market, such as Africa market, they use 3.0mm wire for horizontal wire to save cost, and there is one reinforce fold one every 500mm on panel, in this way the panel could be strong enough even without the steel pipe beam. Meanwhile, mid east market make some different change, to make the panel much stronger, they welded one more horizontal wire on opposite side of panel, and cancel the steel pipe beam, the fence system is still strong even the cost is lower.

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