Hinge Joint Woven Wire Fence

As far as we know, Hinge joint woven wire fence is designed with safety and security of small livestock in mind. Because of the joint, it is called hinge joint woven wire fence. It belongs to woven wire mesh.  Usually it is made by high carbon steel wire in horizontal wire and galvanized wire in vertical wire. The line and stay wires are connected by a hinged joint spiral knot in the case of hinged joint stock fence. The top and bottom wires of the fence may consist if a larger diameter selvedge wire. The rectangular mesh openings may decrease in size from the top downwards. And the line and selvedge wires are regularly and evenly crimped between the stay wires.

The inner wire diameter is from 1.8m to 2.5m and edge wire diameter is from 1.9m to 3.5m. Usually the spacing of vertical is 50mm, 100mm, 150mm and 300mm. In order to easy to load, the length per roll designs 50m or 100m. The type class can be expressed as 7/813/150, 8/902/150 and so on. “7” means the quantity of horizontal wire;  “902” means the height of woven wire fence and “150” means the spacing of vertical. Of course, we can design the spacing of horizontal , according to your requirement.

The average monthly Export volume of Skyhall Fence is 10 KM. I have to say that we are Ashghal’s registered fence supplier in Qatar in hinge joint woven wire fence and chain link fence.  Our production process is strictly followed the European Standard, the related standard No.: EN 10223-5:2012 steel  wire woven hinged joint and knotted mesh fencing. EN 10218-2:2012 wire dimensions and tolerances of steel wire and wire products. We will provide the related inspect report and loading report for each order.

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