Hog Fence

Hog fence, also known as field fence, cattle fence and deer fence, are widely used in Europe and and American. It is used to protect the ecological balance, prevent landslides and feed animals. Especially in rainy mountainous areas, this kind wire with a layer of 120grams of nylon woven cloth can prevent the flow of mud sand so that it rapidly develop.

Hog fence is weaved by high tensile strength wire, which can withstand the cattle, horses, sheep, hog and other livestock’s violent impact. It is more safe and reliable compare with low carbon wire fence. The wire of Hog fence usually is hot dipped galvanized. And other parts also are corrosion resistant, which can adapt to harsh working environment, service life up to 20 years. The weft wire of hog fence adopts wave technology to enhance elasticity and buffer function. It can adapt to deformation of cold contraction and heat expansion, which make the fence always keep tight state. Hog fence has simple structure, convenient maintenance, short construction period, small volume and light weight.

Hog fence is mainly used for grassland construction in pastoral areas, which can be used to build grasslands and carry out fixed-point grazing and column grazing. It will be better for planned use of grassland resources, effectively improve the utilization rate and grazing efficiency of grassland, prevent grassland degradation, and protect the natural environment. At the same time. It is also suitable for setting up family farms with farmers and animal husbandry professionals, setting up border defense, farmland boundary fence, forest nursery, sealing off mountains to cultivate forests, enclosing tourist and hunting areas, and isolating and maintaining construction sites.

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