Iowa Type Barbed Wire

In politically unstable countries, the use of barbed wire is enormous. Both Iowa type barbed wire and razor barbed wire are popular products. In addition to the military protection of the border, family life is also indispensable. Political unrest, high crime rate, frequent burglary and robbery.  As the most effective and cost-effective protection products, the demand of Iowa type barbed wire is very high. Usually mounted on the top of wall and fence, the four-pointed barb are effective at preventing intruders from climbing and can be stretched into a straight line or coiled into a circle. The tie wire to hold it in place. IOWA type barbed wire is also widely used in animal husbandry. The grassland fence is surrounded by Iowa barbed wire, which has a deterrent effect on people and animals.

The specification of Iowa type barbed wire are manly divided into the main wire diameter. Barb diameter, barb spacing and the length or weight of a coil. Spacing length is usually between 1.2cm to 1.5cm long. The size of wire diameter determines the tensile strength, which can be satisfied by ordinary low carbon iron wire. If used on farm, animals often collide and require higher tensile strength. High carbon steel wire may be needed as raw material.

The surface treatment of Iowa type barbed wire includes electro galvanized , hot dipped galvanized, PVC coating, we choose them by environment needs. In dry place, electro galvanized Iowa type barbed wire is enough. Hot dipped galvanized Iowa type barbed wire can be selected in places with more rain, and the amount of zinc also can be selected according to the needs. In the acid or high corrosion place, it is better to choose PVC coated hot dipped galvanized Iowa barbed wire.

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